Taami, Jerusalem: Best Hummus Ever

Hummus Place NYC Dethroned

Taami Jerusalem

Taami has been serving quick lunches to Jerusalemites for just over 50 years from the same unassuming location under the ownership of the same Bulgarian family. There are rarely any foreigners or Americans in there – which is a good sign. The service is quick, almost rushed, but very efficient. The Hummus is sublime, arriving minutes after having been ordered with a warm layer of chickpeas on top, accompanied by the usual fresh pita, pickles and onions. Best humus so far and it’s kosher too. But like real kosher, with a teudah and not open on shabbat… like some places I know.

Taami is located on Shamai street, between Hillel and Ben Yehudah, from 8 am to 4:30 pm (except on Saturday). Its minutes away from all the cheesy downtown places and much, much better.

A tip of the hat to Harry.
He Knows Things. Seriously.

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