Miri Eisen on Larry King Live

miri_eisen.jpgROI120 modertor Miri Eisen was on CNN’s Larry King Live last night. While we don’t have the video, thanks to ROI120 participant Michael Findling, we do have a transcript of the conversation. Michael’s sister works for CNN and he tells us that “the re-action in the news room was this was one educated, well-spoken lady, Miri does Israel and the Jews proud!” Without further ado, ladies and gents, the transcript:

KING: We’re back on LARRY KING LIVE. Let’s go to Tel Aviv and Miri Eisin. She is the Israeli government spokesperson, retired colonel with the Israeli military intelligence. What’s your reaction to what Mr. Mousawi of the Hezbollah just had to say?

MIRI EISIN, ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SPOKESPERSON: I find it very interesting that the editor of Al-Manar TV talks only about things which have nothing to do with what’s happening. Almost seven days ago already Hezbollah crossed the border, an internationally recognized border, into Israeli territory, kidnapped two soldiers and at the same time, and this he failed to mention, opened fire with rockets on all of the northern villages of Israel. And they have been for the last six days firing hundreds. We’re already almost reaching the 1,000 mark of rockets on Israeli villages. Israeli citizens are under attack and Israel has said very clearly we’re not willing to be hostages to Hezbollah, a terrorist organization in Lebanon anymore.

KING: They say if you release your prisoners, they’ll release their prisoners and violence stops. So, what if it asked it simply why not do that just to stop killing?

EISIN: Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. They’re trying to hold both the Lebanese government, the Lebanese people, and certainly all of northern Israel as hostages for their demands. But what is Hezbollah it’s calling for the destruction of Israel. Even today in all of this fighting the Israeli prime minister called for peace. What Israel wants is peace. We want peace on our northern border. We want peace with the Palestinians and we haven’t heard any such words from Hezbollah. In this war that the Hezbollah initiated against us at the beginning of last week what they’ve done is they have tried to change the rules completely. They think that they can have acts of terror against Israel and that Israel won’t respond. We’ve said clearly this year, this week we’re not willing to sit here any longer and let Hezbollah do whatever they want. We’ve said clearly first of all return the captives. They crossed the border, kidnapped them, and took them into Lebanon. And I’d say ask the Al Manar editor who exactly are these Lebanese hostages that he’s talking about? We’re talking about Lebanese terrorists who crossed into Israel, did acts of terror in the late ’70s and ’80s, were put on trial in Israeli prisons and have been sitting in Israeli prisons ever since.

KING: Thank you Miri.

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