Subliminal Tackles the Holocaust

Miri Ben Ari on the violin!
Israel’s most popular rapper Subliminal released this track for Yom Hashoah, called Adon Olam, Ad Matai – God Almighty, Until When? I like the tune, and the video is a little too arty, but the dancers are for the most part excellent – I suppose bling and bitches would not be appropriate imagery for a Holocaust themed song that references God.

Video here.

What’s kind of cool is that immediately after Holocaust Memorial Day, the street vendors in Israel put out their Israeli Flag displays for Israel Independence Day and people start driving around with newly purchased Israeli flags attached to their cars or start hanging flags out their windows etc. They don’t do this until the very next day after Yom Hashoah. Despite the fact that Israel Independence Day is preceded by Israel Memorial Day in honor of those who fell for the state, it seems that the commercial sale and wanton display of Israeli flags of all sizes is understood to be garish and inappropriate prior to Holocaust Memorial Day. It’s as if to say, let us mourn our dead first, and only then will we be able to celebrate the rebirth of our nation.

Subliminal is a cheeseball sometimes and on this track he raps as follows:

Though they left nothing of the Star of David
I will wear mine and never take it off as long as I live
It will remind me not to repeat the same mistakes in the future
and to keep my eyes open
To learn not to become bait for the hunters
Not to be afraid and scared to stand up
To live in dignity and die in dignity

(in Hebrew it rhymes…)

Frankly, I think the Holocaust and the birth of Israel taught us a few other things. Israel was not born in hatred – had everyone been consumed with vengeance and darkness, they would never have been able to accomplish what they did. Israel is the fulfillment of a dream. Israel is the realization of a completely idealistic and crazily optimistic vision. Of course it’s not perfect, but gosh darn… what an incredible and unprecedented accomplishment it was to carve out this modern and cosmopolitan enclave in a sea of backwardness and oppression. Hate did not build Israel. Fear of hunters did not build Israel. It was love and unprecedented optimism that did it. Take from that what you will – but unlike Subliminal, I will not allow myself to be defined by a genocide orchestrated by a bunch of sick fucks. I’ll mourn my losses of course, quietly and with all due respect. But I will define myself by the values and accomplishments of my people.

Israel Independence day this year is April 24th. Israel Memorial day is the day before. Get your flags before they run out!

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