That’s One Big Ass Flag!

Israel flag iconAmit Morag, who I met at ROI120 this year, told me about his project one night while we were sitting on his balcony with Noa from the Carsitters. The Israel Flag For the Future Project has two purposes. One is to create the biggest flag of Israel – or of any country – ever created. The flag is currently 13821 square feet and growing. The second purpose is to provide a fun activity to individuals and communities around the world whereby they participate in the building of this flag while discussing issues related to branding and iconography and their role in modern civilization. To be sure, they slip in some Jewy stuff in there, but it’s a discussion bereft of a nationalist purpose with a focus on the role and power of symbols in our lives. It’s a very cool project and Amit is a very interesting guy. If you’re looking for a fun, thought provoking activity to do with your poker buddies or knitting circle, youth or synagogue group, they offer a package for every age and interest group. And when it’s all done, there will always be that big ass flag that you can say you were a part of! So go. Check it out!

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  1. Amit Morag

    7/14/2008 at 4:38 am

    Thanks for the post! It really is a great project 😉

  2. netanfakubastard

    2/16/2013 at 2:34 pm

    witch’s flag !!!! it’s a big pentagramme !!! zionist anti-christ country

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