Jewish Hostages in Mumbai

Like many of you, I spent most of my Thanksgiving eve following the developments of the situation in Mumbai from my PC. I do not have TV in my apt (anymore) and I wanted to get up to the minute coverage of the situation. It is now Thanksgiving morning, and I am still in bed, following everything online.

I’ve been visiting CNN, FoxNews, Jpost, Chabad.org, and most importantly search.twitter.com. Like my previous post about Twitter suggests, it is a website involving conversations — real time. People are taking information from the aforementioned websites and reposting the important stuff on Twitter, using keywords such as #mumbai, #nariman, #chabad, etc. (The Nariman House is the Chabad House where terrorists are currently holding numerous Jewish hostages, including the Chabad Rabbi and his wife). 

I learned not long ago that the Chabad couple’s baby, Moshe, was saved by the cook earlier this morning. We have been urging everyone to say prayers / Psalms (Tehillim) for the Chabad couple: Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma and Rivka Bat Yehudis. 

Let’s pray that all of the Jews, Israelis, and all other victims in Mumbai come out safely from this horrific situation.

I will continue to post updates on this situation on Twitter: http://twitter.com/yeahthatskosher


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