Happy 5th Anniversary Jewlicious!

A Self Congratulatory Post and another Jewlicious Prank!
Jewlicious began 5 years ago on July 2004. In that time we have written nearly 5,000 posts and generated nearly 70,000 comments. We’ve also run 5 Jewlicious Festivals, the last of which attracted nearly 1000 participants, much to the consternation of the Long Beach Fire Department I’m sure. I’ve been blessed to be associated with some of the coolest people I know as fellow writers, including The Middle and Muffti who were here right from the get go. Running Jewlicious is often a thankless task. Unlike others, we never got fancy shmancy funding for offices in New York equipped with a wet bar, ping pong and fooz ball tables. But I did get to meet and befriend some awesome people, like the army of volunteers that make the Jewlicious Festival happen and most notably Rachel Bookstein, her husband Rabbi Yonah, and their totally edible children.

There are other things that make working on Jewlicious so rewarding, like running into people that know me from the blog in Jerusalem and being told the role we played in their decision to attend Hebrew University or some Yeshiva or a MASA program. One message I got the other day totally made me smile as well. An ex’s niece sent me a message on facebook wondering about the provenance of all the notes I wrote. Turns out Renée had no idea what Jewlicious was but “I really enjoyed the ones I had read! Seriously, I found all of them to be well written and pretty interesting! (The one about JDate was very amusing, as was “Dear Hamas, Take Me!”)” She later added that “Oh! I forgot to mention that some of my friends where reading the stories from jewlicious.com ! They really enjoyed them!” Renée is an unaffiliated Jewish student at McGill and exactly the sort of smart, talented kind of Jew we always wanted to reach. Also appreciated are kind words from colleagues I deeply respect like Matthue Roth over at My Jewish Learning and Dan Brown at eJewish Philanthropy.

Less fun is some of the bile and invective I’ve attracted from members of the doucheoisie over the years. One former blogger is still telling anyone who will listen to stay away from Jewlicious and from me, years after I have had any interaction with him. This has been cutting into my bottom line and despite all my efforts to just stay out of his way, he doesn’t seem to know how to stop. So the gloves are off asshole. Expect repercussions.

Speaking of repercussions, and this is where the fun “prank” part of the post comes in, there’s a current blogger who has jumped at any opportunity to talk trash about me, accusing me of being a cyber bully, an utterer of anti-gay slurs and a thief. He wrote a typically shoddy Birthright related post the other day about Momo Lifshitz of Oranim and used an image that I created to illustrate it. When informed by one of his readers that I held the copyright on that image, rather than give credit where credit is due, he merely switched the photo to another one of Momo.


But that’s where the dolt fucked up. Not only did he not acknowledge the source of the image, he linked directly to the image thus not only violating Oranim’s copyright, but also stealing their bandwidth! Thus, much in the vein of previous Jewlicious pranks (see this one against Nazis and this one against an anti Israel douchebag), the staff at Oranim gave me and everyone at Jewlicious a much appreciated 5th anniversary gift:


I’m not mentioning this thief’s name nor linking directly to his site (though feel free to use this URL) so that we can at least derive some compensation by laughing at him for as long as possible. Once he figures out what an idiot he is, then I will link away. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for everything. You all rock!

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Founder of Jewlicious? Publisher? Man I hate titles. I coined the name Jewlicious and I slave over the site. I live in Jerusalem and I need to get some breakfast.
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