Be Proud! ISRAEL: “Only ones operating” in Haiti

As an avid Israel advocate I love to focus on the amazing things that Israel does for the world. There’s no denying it anymore, Israel goes above and beyond to help other nations, expecting nothing in return.

israeli field hospital in haiti

Watch the CNN Video of the Israeli Field Hospital

Watch: ZAKA Rescue in Haiti Video

Watch: Footage from IDF Field Hospital in Haiti, Including Baby Delivered There, Named ‘Israel’

Watch: IDF Field Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Since yesterday, I have been tweeting about the Israeli humanitarian aid efforts in Haiti (from my personal account) as well as pulling articles from StandWithUs, and thankfully it has been retweeted a few dozen times.

For Israel, to fly over 220 volunteers, medics, doctors, search and rescue experts, and more to Haiti, half way around the world (6495 miles or 10,453 km to be exact), is nothing short of amazing. To then have the only fully operational field hospital set up in Haiti performing surgeries run by the Israeli delegation, that is jaw-dropping. Israel is upstaging the rest of the world with their organized coordinated effort as well as their compassion and commitment to save human lives.

As a proud American, I am somewhat embarrassed that we don’t yet have a working field hospital set up in Haiti. The fact that Israel, the 96th most populous country, has outshone the U.S., the 3rd most populous country (and supposedly the most advanced), is shameful. While the U.S. did send thousands of soldiers and marines, and will be sending nearly $100 million in aid, if we can’t save lives now, what will the money be good for later?

Is there a way we can press Congress to do more? I don’t know. Please comment below if you have suggestions.

Resources on Israel’s Efforts in Haiti:

Israeli Organizations currently working in Haiti on this mission:

  • IDF
  • ZAKA
  • IsraAID
  • Magen David Adom
  • If you know about others, please comment below.
  • Two Boeing 747s from El Al airlines were used by the IDF to transport the 220-member rescue team and equipment.

Be Proud of Israel. She is doing amazing work!

Donate to these organizations doing great work in Haiti:

  • Magen David Adom
  • ZAKA
  • UJA Federation of NY – all donations go to agencies and other groups based in New York and Israel doing work in Haiti
  • There are other orgs doing great work. Comment below and let us know

  • ZAKA Search & Rescue in Haiti

    Footage from IDF Field Hospital in Haiti, Including Baby Delivered There, Named ‘Israel’

    IDF Field Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


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