Disgusting Support for Baruch Goldstein

On Jewlicious, we make no bones about vilifying the cult of murder and death that exists on the Palestinian side. They extol “martyrs” who are nothing more than cold-blooded murderers targeting as many Israeli civilians as can be found. They put on bloody, violent television shows for little children praising or encouraging violence against Jews. They have put on an “art exhibition” depicting the inside of an Israeli restaurant in the midst of blowing up in a suicide bombing, blood and body parts included. They praise and excuse terrorism. It is a disgusting cult of death and any Palestinian who takes part or gives any sort of support for these activities is beneath contempt.

On Jewlicious, we also make no bones about vilifying any cult of murder and death that exists on the Jewish side. We have not had many opportunities to vilify people for actions such as these because the amount of Jewish terrorism has been relatively small over the past few decades. There was the group that blew up the cars of some Palestinian mayors and the group that tried to blow up a Palestinian girls’ school. There was a teen who was recently arrested for stabbing attacks as well as the American immigrant to Israel who has recently been arrested for at least one and possibly more shootings of Palestinians. These attacks are reprehensible and deserve severe punishments, some of which have been meted out and a couple which were not, in my opinion, severe enough.

One attack by a Jew that I considered the act of a single, sick man, is that of Baruch Goldstein who went into the Cave of the Patriarchs, specifically into the Jacob Room which was being used as a mosque and opened fire. He killed 29 Palestinians and injured another hundred. Pardon me, he MURDERED 29 Palestinians.

Israeli society acted swiftly. Kach, Kahane’s party of which Goldstein was a member, was essentially kicked out of the Knesset. Political leaders such as Yitzhak Rabin, who was PM at the time, condemned the murder in no uncertain terms:

“I am shamed over the disgrace imposed upon us by a degenerate murderer,” he said. “You are not part of the community of Israel,” he continued, addressing the most militant settlers. “You are not part of the national democratic camp which we all belong to in this house, and many of the people despise you. You are not partners in the Zionist enterprise. You are a foreign implant. You are an errant weed. Sensible Judaism spits you out. You placed yourself outside the wall of Jewish law. You are a shame on Zionism and an embarrassment to Judaism.”

Goldstein committed his massacre on Purim, which in that year was also during Ramadan. He did it while Israel was negotiating the Oslo Accords with the PLO. Those who knew him said that he did it because he had lost his mind after seeing a friend and the son of a friend slain by Palestinians even as he, a physician, was unable to help them and one died in his arms. Maybe true, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. His murderous actions are despicable. Later polls in Israeli society showed a vast majority, nearly 80% of Jewish Israelis opposed to the attack and only about 3.5% in favor – which in a typical poll could mean virtually 0% support because it is within the margin of error, but unlikely in this instance. Three percent sounds about right.

Those 3% supported the attack, presumably extremist settlers from the most extreme outposts of Israeli settlement, Kiryat Arba and Hebron. Many made pilgrimage to Goldstein’s grave. The Israeli government then created a law prohibiting monuments to terrorists and eliminated the pseudo-shrine that had been built on his burial site. Still, there are those who still commemorate him and his act fondly.

They are despicable people. They are exactly what Rabin said about Goldstein: errant weeds that are a stain on Zionism and an embarrassment to Judaism. Nothing less.

This post is about a video posted on Ynet today, showing Purim celebrations in Sheikh Jarrah, among the newly arrive Jews there, singing a song in praise of Goldstein and his massacre.

UPDATE: Here is a version of it on Youtube.

Our own ck and Rabbi Yonah do not believe it is a true video and that the song has been implanted to the video. In other words, somebody is trying to make these families look bad. As I review it, I have to admit that you can’t see anybody actually singing the song or with it. If anybody has ideas regarding the veracity of this video, bring them on. Does anybody know who the videographer is?

I am assuming this video is true and if so, these people are the scum of the earth. These people are the equivalent of those who support Hamas’s terrorism. They should be spit out of the Jewish nation and kept far away.

Sheikh Jarrah is a controversial neighborhood right now because these new Jewish residents are living in homes that have recently seen their Palestinian tenants evicted. The matter had gone up to the Israeli High Court which ruled in favor of the Jewish owners of these buildings, who had watched for decades while Palestinians lived there but without paying rent even though there was a clear title to the buildings. Finally, the Palestinians were legally evicted and Jewish families moved in.

At least one of these families, and from the video it looks like it might be more than one, should be forced to leave that neighborhood because of their celebration of this murder. If it can be shown that other families were involved in the party that included this video and the robust sing-along to the song extolling a terrorist, then those families should be evicted as well.

Sheikh Jarrah is a serious tactical mistake by those Jews who want to reclaim parts of east Jerusalem, precisely because it opens up areas inside Israel to similar claims by Palestinians. Buying up land or houses today and then moving people in is one thing, and it is legitimate. However, if one wants to bring in pre-1948 real estate into the equation, must one be prepared for the Palestinians to do the same. For that reason, the Israeli government should pass a law challenging the Court’s ruling and removing these Jews from Sheikh Jarrah. If there was doubt before, let it be gone now, because if these people support Goldstein, they should be condemned, evicted and prevented from living anywhere where they could provoke Palestinians. They do not deserve the protection or support of any part of the Israeli government or population.

How low and shameful.


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