What do Turkish Muslim Hackers want from me?

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Early this morning I was rudely awakened by friends warning me that my personal blog was hacked. What? Was this a joke? Why would my new personal blog, which has a daily readership of less than 15, be targeted by hackers?

Was it because I am Jewish? Because I’m a staunch supporter of Israel? Or because my WordPress blog invited these hackers? I guess we’ll never know. (Update: My hosting service was able to resolve and fix the issue. My blog is safe to visit. Thank you Fatcow!)

But what my good friends on Facebook discovered is that the self proclaimed “Turkish Muslim” hackers (see image above) from thehacking.org are run by a gun toting fanatic … with (shockingly) a Facebook profile.

Is there something we can do about these hackers, terrorists, and hacking-terrorists online? Maybe we should consider VMware hosting? Will that help?

I’d love to hear your ideas.


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