Technion Geeks Create Rube Goldberg Hanukkah Awesomeness

Not all technology in Israel HAS to be of the high-tech, start-up, make-the-world-love-us variety. Some of it can be, you know, stam – just for kicks, a flight of whimsy if you will. Sure enough, a bunch of Technion students got together and created this insane contraption whose sole purpose is to light a Hanukkah menorah in the coolest way possible. They have ramps, robots, balloons, nitroglycerin, donuts, gadgets and gizmos. And a menorah. But no latkes. Feh. Not so smart now Technion boys, are you?

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  1. Goldie Katsu

    11/28/2012 at 3:05 pm

    This is Israel – they had Sufganiot!

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