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Be a part of Jewlicious and experience Jewlicious from another perspective, the working experience! The first step is to fill out this application. This will get you into our database, and we will contact you! Volunteers come in two kinds. One that works before and during the Festival, and one that works just during the Festival. Let us know which one is right for you. Typical volunteer activities before the event include marketing and promotional work, event prep and planning, other fun stuff.

Volunteers during the festival take on a variety of roles, from checking in participants to staffing events and programs. Its a ton of fun – and you get to enjoy the weekend for free.

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  1. Tori

    7/12/2016 at 2:01 pm

    Yeah, my food is usually correct, but depending on the franchisee, the quality is variable.  (T2e1e&#8hr7;s a Taco Bell very close by that I never go to because they can even fuck up a soft taco.).  But some stores are very well run.  You just have to find them.I also always eat in.  I think the guys who screw up drive-through orders think they can get away with it, because nobody is going to come back and complain.  Until that rare time someone comes back and shoots the place up.

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