UC Irvine hosts Holocaust in the Holy Land


This was forwarded to me today from a blogger who goes by the name UC Islam. The University of California Irvine is hosting a week long event titled “Holocaust in the Holy Land.” UC Islam, clever moniker, writes that his goal is to apply pressure from the outside onto UC Irvine to cancel the events.

Lets make this the last “Jihad of the Toungue” at UC Islam. We must apply political and public pressure; show those that support UC Islam that their money is being misused, show that state and federal grants are being misused by a school that is hostile to Jewish students.

UC Islam, who has two different blogs here (videos) and here (activism), has three pages of contact information for armchair activists to get the PR rolling. There are lists of politicians, foundations, and media outlets. Wait till the The Simon Wiesenthal Center and Abe Foxman find out! UCI won’t know what hit ’em. That could be 10,000 bubbies breathing down your neck. You don’t want it, really.

UC Islam has given a platform to the worst and most vile anti-Jewish, racist speakers and organizations. They have legitimized students groups that seek the annihilation of the Jewish people. They have stood by while students are intimidated, harassed and bullied because they are not Muslims. They have been silent while the MSU indoctrinates their membership into a sleeper-cell group of radical Islam.

That UC Irvine is hosting a week of vicious lies and anti-Jewish propoganda is nothing new. We have been documenting this for quite some time, and posting films and protesting. There have been extensive meetings, I have been informed by people that were there, between UCI and Jewish leaders. There was even a peace-love meeting sponsored by the Cordoba Initiative at UCI this weekend to promote Jewish-Christian-Muslimpeace, but it will have little affect. The radical MSU students at UC Islam backed out of partaking in the event because the imam was too mellow.

UC Islam writes that the website is dedicated to all people who have died for their religious beliefs at the hands of tyrants and dictators. That is an admirable and honest summary of the reason why I stand up and oppose the agents of Jew-baiting and Jew-hatred. The activities at UCI are part of the continuum of violence against Jews, which creates and perpetuates Jew-phobia, Jew-hatred, and Jew-killing.


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