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Honoring the Dalai Lama with the Congressional Gold medal was yet another saga in the Tibet Lobby’s stranglehold on common sense in our foreign policy. This medal angered one of our best allies, one billion Chinese, for a tiny minority group that has its tentacles wrapped around congress. The authors, Shmearsheimer and Dolt, argue that Tibet’s Foreign Policy has replaced American Foreign Policy. Unless Tibet’s influence is mitigated, America is bound to go down the road to self-destruction.

Publisher’s Weakly:

Starred Review. Expanding on their notorious 2007 article in the Bejing Review of Books, the authors increase the bang of their firecracker claims about the malign influence of the pro-Tibet lobby on the U.S. government. Shmearsheimer and Dolt, political scientists at the University of Chicago and Harvard, respectively, survey a wide coalition of pro-Tibet groups and individuals, including American Tibetan organizations and political donors, Buddhist fundamentalists, ultra-liberal officials in the executive branch, media pundits who smear critics of an independent Tibet as anti-Buddhist and the American-Tibet Public Affairs Committee, which they characterize as having an unchallenged hold on Congress. This lobby, they contend, has pressured the U.S. government into Far East policies that are strategically and morally unjustifiable: lavish financial subsidies for Tibetan strongman the Dalai Lama despite his occupation of Indian territory; needless American confrontations with Tibet’s foes China and Outer Mongolia; uncritical support of Tibet’s 1959 militant uprising, which violated the laws of war; and the Cold war, which almost certainly would not have occurred had [the Tibet lobby] been absent. The authors admit heavy conspiracy mongering, noting that the lobby’s activities constitute quasi-legitimate, if misguided and immoral, interest-group politics, as American as obesity. Considering the authors’ academic credentials and the careful reasoning and meticulous documentation with which they support their claims, the book is bound to rekindle the controversy. (Nov.)
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