NYC Feb 6th: Is the Internet Good for the Jews? Online Community, Blogging and Ethics

West SaiiideFurther to my previous article, it looks like the Jewish Week is going to be a hosting a lecture titled “Is the Internet Good for the Jews? Online Community, Blogging and Ethics.” The press release describes the event as follows:

How far can a virtual Jewish community go in replacing a real Jewish community? Are voyeurism, rudeness and other online pitfalls antithetical to Jewish values? Which Jewish blogs are most influential? How can the Jewish community make better use of the Internet to promote its causes?

This discussion will feature Gary Rosenblatt of the Jewish Week, Jewcy.com’s managing editor Izzy Grinspan, author Rabbi Joshua Hammerman (Temple Beth El, Stamford CT), and Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz’s chief U.S. correspondent.

It promises to be a rollicking good time as a panel made up of old media people and one Jewcy editor pontificate on the Jewish blogosphere. Me? I’ll be in New York and wouldn’t miss this for the world. I will be bringing my gang along and yes, feel free to expect some West Side Story type shenanigans. Too bad Mr. Imbecile lives in Seattle otherwise I am certain he would have been invited to speak given that he’s the Jewish blogosphere’s leading expert on victimization, civility and whining.

But in all seriousness, this is an important issue. How do we reconcile prohibitions against Lashon Harah and what we do on blogs every day? Are online communities an adequate replacement for real world communities and what does this mean within a Jewish context?

The lecture is slated to take place on Feb 6th at the Jewish Community Project, 146 Duane St., SOHO, New York, NY at 7:30 pm. Free admission, reservations strongly recommended.
RSVP to janet@jewishweek.org.

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